Banish the Blank Page Quick Start Group!
How to Write a Speech that will Change You, Change the World, and Attract Clients Like Honey
 Your six-figure, game-changing speaking career is right within your grasp... but to get there, you actually have to move into action and write your speech!
After all, how many times have you bought or downloaded a book you just knew would make all the difference… but somehow never found the time to implement?

I have loads of ‘good intentions’ like this on my shelf .. I call them “shelf help” instead of “self help”! 

And I know actually reading my book and doing the exercises will make all the difference, even if you aren’t yet sure what your speech is going to be about, or where you want to speak. 

So I’ve designed the Banish the Blank Page Quick Start! 

This BOOK STUDY program is designed to be a system of support for you to get going right away on creating a life-changing speech!  

It includes:
  • A digital copy of Stop Staring at a Blank Page workbook, arriving via email immediately! All the writing exercises, outlines, templates to help you get started right away. 
  • 5 Live “Book Study” calls. We’ll read the book, I will teach all concepts and be your support as you work through the exercises.
  • MP3 recordings of the calls. In storytelling, there is a magical, mystical quality that we call ‘witnessing” - witnessing a like-minded soul-centred speaker working through their story will help you access yours – even if you can’t make a session live.
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group, to connect with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to hold you accountable, share their experiences and cheer you on.
Everything you need to create your inspiring, life-changing speech is right here in this quick start program – and you don’t have to do it alone.


This is the closest thing you’ll find to having me personally coach you through the book… without the five-figure price tag.
  •  Create an outline of your speech, and gain clarity about what key stories you are going to tell and why

  •  Choose your “Hook” and capture the audience’s attention in the first few minutes 

  •  Design content that keeps the energy and engagement high and moves people into action

  •   How to create a speech that not only inspires, but transforms and delights (even if what you want to say is still just up in your head)
  •  Sneak Preview into Diane’s unique Story Centering™ process, which draws your audience toward you because you KNOW what you’re really about and how it relates to the stories you are telling
  •  Lots of real-life stories that let you know that you are not alone staring at a blank page, and there is a path forward and a supportive group of allies to join you on your speech writing journey.  
I look forward to helping you write a speech that will change you, change the world, and attract clients like honey!
Here’s What People Are Saying:

Tammy Sherger, CEO, The Meeting Revolution

“As for the return on investment, all I can say is WOW! The first 90 minutes working with Diane, I was in shock, I could talk and she translated what I was saying in to an amazing story that I knew was the answer to my problem of how to make “Meetings” interesting.

When I received the first piece of work prior to our second meeting I was actually in tears, Diane had not only found the way to tell my story about meetings she had also captured the emotion that I felt. I am now more inspired, more confident and I cannot wait to deliver my presentation."

Ian Dunsmuir, Advanced Healing Arts

"Thanks very much for working with me to write and critique my talk. I just had the best conversion rate I have seen in all my years of doing presentations. I am excited about moving forward and doing more!”
I had been struggling to get my personal journey into a succinct ‘story’ for 6 months when I sat down with Diane. The entire process was enlightening, educational and truly transformational for me. Diane listened, noted, wrote and finally revealed the true essence of what I was trying to convey in an emotional, enticing and riveting package that I will use in multiple applications going forward.

Her direct questioning and active participation as I was explaining my journey allowed us to condense 30+ years of my life into under 10 minutes with every important and relevant fact covered. My story is complex, and the subject matter sometimes uncomfortable and emotional to discuss, yet Diane made it interesting and accessible. Her writing skills and masterful story-telling direction will ensure that my audience will be engaged throughout – no boredom here. Even my husband wanted to hear the whole thing, twice!!!

Thank you Diane for creating a true masterpiece, a foundational piece of my business and my speaking that I know will resonate with many and support me in helping and changing the lives of others. Diane has made my mission and vision all the more powerful and attainable with some great creativity, honesty, vulnerability and a true understanding of my core intentions. I now truly am a better story!

- Michal Ofer, Nutritionist 
"Diane, thank you so much for all your help in putting together my presentation script. I was skeptical at first. I wondered whether I was prepared enough.

Before our first call, I was feeling overwhelmed. You quickly put me at ease and through us just talking and you asking questions, my script was created quickly and easily.

You seemed to have a way of getting inside my head. You found the perfect way to word the message that I was trying to get across to my clients. I am still in awe at how easy you made it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ”

- Nola Peacock, CEO, Confident Happy Kids